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Tonight at 6:00: Yoga Warriors Against Cancer

By Tonia Bendickson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Doctors have long supported yoga as an important tool for cancer recovery.  But now, the biggest-ever scientific study on yoga shows it's more than that.  Yoga may not be a cancer cure – but it is a prescription for better sleep and less fatigue.

Tonight on WBTV News at 6:00, a look inside a local yoga studio to see what this ancient practice is really all about, and why even the most reluctant cancer patients find Y-O-G-A spells a better quality of life.

And you can try out yoga for yourself tonight at the Yoga Warriors against Cancer event.  It's at the Yoga for Life studio on Morehead Street in West Charlotte.  Proceeds will benefit Presbyterian Healthcare Cancer Services.

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