Violent video games two clicks away

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - John Major is a "gamer".  He's been playing video games online since he was a boy.

"Back then the online games weren't that bad," Major said.

Now it's a different story.  He is well-aware of many sites which offer violent video games without any need to prove your age before you play.

"Actually back then games weren't that bad," he says.

He's college bound now - wants to learn how to develop video games - and he is well-aware how the online video game landscape has changed.

The scariest part - he says - is how easy they are for young children to find.

" Literally hidden behind spongebob and smiles is a link to violence," says former White House Cyber Security Expert Theresa Payton. "And it's not even so much the kids are doing it on purpose."

Payton showed us how two clicks lead to some images young children shouldn't see.

Scroll down on the Nickelodeon website and click addictive games - it takes you to a filtered kid-friendly version of the website - but simply remove that filter - and parents might cringe at the gaming options.

There are other sites too - where you don't have to prove your age to play.

"If your kids are younger you can have a rule that says I pre-screen all games, but as your kids get older that's so much harder to do - so the best thing to do is talk to them."

Or - put monitoring on your computer - and block certain websites. Make sure your children know these rules apply when they are away from home too.