Firefighters bring little girl's bunny back

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

LIBERTY, NC (WBTV) - The flames were gone, the smoke had already cleared. When Nicole Milles and her daughter pulled up in the driveway, 5-year-old Amethyst wasn't as worried about the fire, more so about her bunny "Snowball".

The Milles home was consumed by flames when they weren't there. Firefighters from Liberty Volunteer Fire Department knocked it down pretty fast, but no one could find the rabbit.

Chief Darren Trexler says the sobbing from the little girl yanked at the tough guy's heart strings. A group of firemen went to a nearby rabbit breeder and picked out a white fluffy bunny similar to "Snowball".

Her eyes lit up and the sobbing stopped. Amethyst knew it wasn't the real Snowball, but she didn't care. The new rabbit's name is Snowball too and he made a tragic situation a lot easier to deal with. And the firefighters helped a little too.

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