Cover Story: Remembering the USS Indianapolis

It is the greatest story never told.  On July 30, 1945 in the final days of World War II the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.

She sank in 12 minutes in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Guam and the Philippines.

Near 1,200 sailors went into shark infested waters.  Almost five days later, only 300 made it out alive.

It was the greatest disaster in the history of the United States Navy and the worst shark attack of all time.  This is a remarkable story but so seldom told.

In fact the sinking itself was kept secret from the world for more than two weeks until Japan surrendered..

And yet the Indianapolis played a critical part in bringing about that surrender - ending World War Two.

Friday on the 65th anniversary of the Indianapolis' sinking listen to survivors' stories and a local woman who's committed to keeping this largely forgotten tale alive.

PrimeTime's Jeff Atkinson reports in our Cover Story.