Tonight's Cover Story: Long wait to process evidence

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Police arrested a man on Wednesday after discovering pornographic images of young girls on his computer.

Francis William Romance, 58, is charged with 6 counts of second degree sexual exploitation of a minor and 6 counts of third degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

Lincolnton Police Department received a tip on December 16, 2008, from someone who claimed to be a relative of Frank Romance.

The relative claimed that Romance had been looking at inappropriate material online, and turned Romance's computer over the Lincolnton Police Department.

The computer was taken to the State Crime Lab in Raleigh to be processed.

Police say due to the workload of investigators in Raleigh, there was 18 months between the time the evidence was submitted and returned.

Tonight at 7pm on WBTV News PrimeTime in our Cover Story reporter Jeff Atkinson will find out why it can take so long for evidence to be processed at the State Crime Lab and find out what's being done to correct it.