Curfew imposed on residents at Timber Ridge Apartments

By Sharon Smith - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Neighbors at the Timber Ridge Apartments say they are outraged by a flier they were handed by management this month.

It says three or more people cannot be gathered on the property after 10pm outside. The notice lists common areas, like the parking lot, breezeways, breezeway entrances and playground.

"We've never had a curfew since I've been over here," said Devion Canty, who's lived in Timber Ridge the past 20 years.

"Ten o'clock! That's outrageous," he said.

Canty and other neighbors said the rule upsets them. They are grown adults who pay rent and say management is going too far in an effort to crackdown on troublemakers.

Earlier this month, a Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer shot and wounded Terrence Darden one evening near the playground. Police say Darden ran from them and produced a gun, that's when the officer fired.

Children were outside, which upset some residents who say police should not have used deadly force.

The complex has a troubled history. In 2007, Officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton were killed in the line of duty. Demeatrious Montgomery is expected to go to trial this fall for the shootings.

Residents say it's people who don't live in Timber Ridge who cause trouble. Neither Montgomery nor Darden lived there.

Bart White, a Raleigh landlord-tenant lawyer, says the curfew sounds within reason. He said the landlord can impose restrictions to promote the comfort and safety of residents. Plus, he added the contract or lease had to signed by both parties.