See, Click, Fix: Traffic problems resolved

By John Carter - bio l email

GASTON COUNTY (WBTV) -- A traffic problem along a major road in Gaston County is fixed this morning following our See, Click, Fix investigation.  However, it took a little longer to get it resolved than we first expected.

We first told you about the problem along highway 321 in Gaston County in early April.  A traffic island was supposed to keep northbound drivers from turning left into this restaurant center and instead go further up the road to the intersection with a traffic signal.  But drivers were turning left anyhow, creating a traffic hazard at times and oftentimes a lot of congestion.

Not long after we talked to the Department of Transportation about the problem a no turn sign was put up at the island. We were told traffic delineators would go up within a week as well.    So we waited...and waited...and waited...but it seemed nothing was happening.

This morning though, we're glad to report, the problem has finally been fixed. The delineators went up last week, but it was more than three months after we first reported the problem.  So what was the holdup?

Seems even the government is not immune to the dreaded "backorder". That's right, the delineators were on backorder and the DOT was told there was a six to seven weeks delay. And to make matters worse, the company that makes the delineators was bought out by another company which further delayed their delivery!

So it wasn't the state's fault for the delay.  In fact, within a week of delivery, DOT workers were out here putting up the delineators.

Another problem solved through our See, Click, Fix investigation. And thanks to Gary Spangler of the Department of Transportation, who gave me regular updates on the delineators throughout this process.

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