See, Click, Fix: Busy Harris Blvd stretch getting striped

By Christine Nelson – bio  l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Everything looks normal on WT Harris Boulevard until you hit the bridge. As you drive onto the bridge the lines disappear in both directions. At night it's even more confusing. No lines to show you which lane you are driving in.

We took what we found to the North Carolina Department of Transportation who is aware of this problem, which it says has been a sticky matter because of red tape.

"We tried to accomplish that with a contract that we had underway last year and the funds got tight for a brief period and then by the time our funding stream had loosened up the contract had expired," says Scott Cole, NCDOT Division Traffic Engineer.

Bridges use a special kind of striping that will stick to concrete so it will last once it's repaired. NCDOT does have some good news for motorist though.

"We have a contract in place now and will place issue a work order to get that work done," says Cole.

Now that the red tape has been cut, the problem will be solved when the new lines appear within 30 days.

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