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See, Click, Fix: Long process of adding bike lanes to roads

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) - Gold Hill Road is a well maintained, four lane road that runs between Fort Mill and Tega Cay, but it does not have bike lanes. Nancy Laudenslager likes to get her exercise on Gold Hill road. "I do ride my bicycle but I ride it on the sidewalk because I am afraid of the street," says Nancy.

Gold Hill Road is a state road. Unlike some cities, bike lanes are not in the plans here, but we checked with South Carolina Department of Transportation to find out what can be done.

"Everybody is being more health conscious now. There is more walking more bike riding and the department is taking all the steps it can financially to do the roadway improvements to try to accommodate all those folks as well as the motorist," says DOT engineer John Huskins.

Huskins tells us York County has two designated bike routes. They are SC 5 and US 321.

This simply means you will see signs like the "share the road" signs, and when possible wider shoulders to accommodate bicycles. It's not a lot, at this point for cyclists, but things should start improving.

"We have been instructed where at all possible when we are doing roadway improvements such as resurfacing or new construction widening, we are to anticipate or try to plan to build the roads to accommodate bicycles".

That means adding two to four foot shoulders when roads like Gold Hill are resurfaced. Not a quick fix by any stretch, but a welcome site when it does happen for people who like to bike like Nancy.

"Today with the cell phones and the texting, it's dangerous. So seeing a bike path a bike trail would be beneficial to all of us," Nancy says.

We got some insight as well from the advocacy director at the Rock Hill Bicycle Club, who also says he's been working for years to bike lanes added in places there and that it could be a long process.

If any changes happen on Gold Hill Road we'll certainly let you know.

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