Storms Roll Through Lincoln County

By Steve Crump - bio l email

DENVER, NC (WBTV) -Tuesday night's bad storm was rumbled through Lincoln County ripping trees, knocking down power lines, and damaging several homes.

Justin Stacey heard his room mates car take a direct hit from a nearby tree.

He said,"Leaves were blowing around. Branches were everywhere. All the sudden I hear a snap.

Some folks saw the funnel cloud near old Highway 16 in the town of Denver, and now The National Weather Service is coming to check it out.

During the storm, Harley Presley got an unscheduled wake up call.

"It didn't last longer than five minutes, but a flood came in on me and then I didn't know I thought it was raining on me, and the tree had me pinned down," Presley said.

He told WBTV that getting out had it's share of challenges.

"I went through the roof," Presley said.

The National Weather Service plans to send a team to Lincoln County to determine if a tornado actually came through.

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