Hacker worries continue for iPad users

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There's new concern for iPad users after hackers got into the AT&T website and exposed thousands of user email addresses last month.

The breach also exposed a little known number that could lead a hacker to a user's front door: the ICC-ID number. Experts warn if a hacker has your ICC-ID number and they have the right technology and equipment, they could track down your exact location.

Inside the ICC-ID number there is another series of numbers called the IMSI which is what a wireless carrier uses to identify a customer so they know who to bill. If a hacker gets into a company's wireless database, they can use the IMSI to find out who you are AND where you are, down to a neighborhood in a city.

All of this starts with that ICC-ID number which the hacker have already -- more than 100 thousand of them. They're all located on the device's SIM Card -- which is the chip, just like in a cell phone, that enables wireless service.

If you're an iPad user through AT&T and you're concerned your SIM Card's ICC-ID number may have been compromised, all you have to do is ask AT&T for a new SIM Card.

AT&T's Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said the company would give a new SIM Card to any user who asks for one.