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Stretching Your Dollar: Affordable home makeovers

Home Design Secrets

By Maureen O'Boyle - bio | email 

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) – If you want to spruce up your home but don't want to spend a fortune head to a local thrift store.  I met Charlotte jewelry designer Katherine Cromer from Blydesing.   She's been on the hunt for treasures for years and has taken her sense of design from her jewelry line into her home.  "If you buy vintage furniture you're buying something that is well made," according to Cromer.  Her Charlotte home that she shares with her husband is an eclectic mix of vintage and new.  She shops stores like the ReStore on Wendover and finds treasures that would cost a fortune if new. 

She recently found a metal wall sculpture at a Goodwill for twenty dollars.  "I hit the jackpot with that one," she says.  Cromer knows when you find a treasure at a thrift store or antique store, chances are you will have to put in some serious elbow grease to make it work.  But Cromer says it is well worth it.

One of Cromer's other secrets of design is about fabric.  Her favorite store is Tony's Fabrics In Huntersville.  "They have all kinds of designer fabrics, they sell for two prices, $6.99 or $12.99," Cromer says.  When asked about the curtains in her home Cromer let me in on another little secret.  "I actually had a tailor make them and it cuts the cost in half, instead of fifty to eighty dollars a panel it cost me about twenty dollars for labor.

To see Katherine's jewelry go to:

Below you'll find some of Cromer's favorite shops.

Restore: 704-716-7044

Tony's Fabrics: 704-563-5047

Goodwill: 704-394-6017

Luxe Home Couture: 704-370-2644

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