Beware of the newest, fastest-growing scam - fake health care coverage

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's an equation that equals trouble.

Take all the unemployed - and thus uninsured - add a complicated new health care system many people don't understand, and what you'll get is a scam you need to be aware of.

Con artists are convincing people they've got health insurance to sell for incredibly low prices.

The Better Business Bureau's Tom Bartholomy says it's a new nationwide trend.

"Quite literally what's today's headlines becomes tomorrow's scam," he says.

And it will make its way here.

"That notoriety as well as that confusion is just a perfect breeding ground for scammers," Bartholomy says.

You might find a flyer on your windshield, get a call from a supposed salesman, or get hooked with an email alert.

"The ones that send you an email with the link embedded, those you need to be very wary of," warns Bartholomy. "Anything you get in an email right now, just delete."

Because if you buy a bogus policy, it will pay little or nothing on claims, leaving you with exorbitant medical bills.

The best advice for you right now? Don't buy any health insurance without calling the Better Business Bureau first