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See, Click, Fix: Taking on two viewer issues

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - If you exit South Boulevard from the I-485 inner loop, you'll come to the intersection in question at the end of the ramp.  There is not one but two right turn lanes.

Frank writes on our See, Click, Fix page, "Many drivers make a right turn on red (from both turn lanes)." He says "I thought you could make a right turn on red from the extreme right lane only."

So we called Charlotte Mecklenburg Police to find out if drivers are breaking the law when turning on red in both lanes.

The answer: it's perfectly legal. Police say since there is no sign showing otherwise, you can turn on red from either right lane...just make sure you're doing it safely.

Our next question is about an abandoned home at 3901 Weddington Road in Charlotte. The unkempt property sits in the midst of newer developments and subdivisions...and is a definite eyesore.

Charlotte Code Enforcement got on this case as soon as we called them and we're awaiting final word on the result of their inspection.

But it's clear code violations will include the graffiti sprayed on the house's brick frame. Weeds and grass higher than 12 inches are also a violation for home within city limits. The grass at this house much taller than that.

The property owner is required to keep the place in a safe and sanitary condition.

Also any home that is boarded up must be registered with the city of Charlotte. So we looked up this address on Charlotte Mecklenburg's website to see if the home is and it is not, which is also considered a code violation.

We will reveal Charlotte code enforcement's inspection as soon as we receive it.

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