Fish tank troubles solved

By Kristen Miranda - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You might remember that three weeks ago we started a test here at WBTV.

There was a dispute over a fish tank in Charlotte.  A man said the brand new tank he bought, leaked, and he wanted his money back.

The owner of the store who sold it to him said it's not so cut and dry and he is doing all he can to help his customer.

Anthony Ferretti says he bought one fish tank, brought it home, and the aquarium leaked.  He returned it to Fintastic, where he bought it, and was given a replacement.

Roughly 90 days later, Ferretti says he noticed something about the second tank that made him nervous.

"Same as before, water was coming up from the seams on the bottom," Ferretti said.

When he tried to return this tank, the store owner agreed to test the tank.

"It's been tested three times.  There were no leaks.  We never noticed a leak nor has the manufacturer noticed a leak when they looked at the aquarium," said Greg Sowers, owner of Fintastic.

Fintastic's return policy is clearly stated on it's receipts.  They offer no refunds after thirty days. Still, the store offered Ferretti a store credit.

However, that isn't enough for Ferretti, leaving the question over whether the tank leaks a "he-said, he-said."

Sowers graciously gave WBTV the tank to test ourselves.

We set it up on a flat surface, filled it with water, and watched it for three weeks.  We continually checked on it, looked closely at the spot where Ferretti said it was leaking, and found no evidence of any water escaping.

Sowers says Ferretti still has a credit he can use at the store, but because it's not leaking, Ferretti will not be getting his cash back.

If you are thinking about installing an aquarium make sure you read exactly how the manufacturer says it should be placed.

Their warranties typically only cover the tank provided it's set up according to the manufacturer's specifications.

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