Dying woman's wedding wish granted

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Yolanda Ellis and Marcus Able met online two years ago.  It wasn't until after they fell in love that Marcus realized just how sick Yolanda was.

"There have been days we weren't sure if we'd make it through this, but I think we've both grown stronger," Able said.

Cancer has spread through Yolanda's body.  She's being treated and she's optimistic.  Her doctors want her to focus on keeping her strength and they won't tell her how much longer they expect her to survive.

The two planned to be married but due to the high cost of Yolanda's medical bills, something small and simple was all they'd be able to afford.

Until now.

The two will be the first recipients of a dream wedding from "Wish Upon A Wedding".  It's a national charity just now planting roots in the Carolinas.

"We grant weddings to those who have fewer than three years to live," said Carolinas Chapter President Ivy Robinson.  "A board of directors looks over applications and we're going to try to do as many weddings as we can."

Area wedding-business vendors donate and volunteer all that they can from the flowers to the cake and the venue.  There are certain rules and limits, but the goal is to take the stress from already overwhelmed couples.

"We want to get it back to what weddings are supposed to be about.  It's about the love and the people, not worrying over having the right shade of pink or the perfect flowers," Robinson said.

The organization is also looking for donations of cash or even airline miles to help distant family members travel into town for the weddings.

For more information about "Wish Upon A Wedding", click here.