Old age problem leads to Sock Puller

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

GASTON CO., NC (WBTV) - When old age throws you a lemon, you make something to squeeze the lemon. In George Adams' case, 84 years of age made it hard for him to pull up his socks, so he made a sock puller.

The retired steel fabricator lives alone and spends a lot of time tinkering. When the sock problem presented itself, George went to stores looking for a device to help. He ended up with $4 worth of parts from the hardware store and a homemade sock puller.

"You have to innovate, you know?" said George.

The red painted dowels of the puller are held together by a block and then separated by another block. Two paddles on each dowel slip into the sock and the spreader makes a slot wide enough to fit a foot in.

From the front porch of his home, George demonstrated the contraption with ease. He's selling the sock puller for $8 and already has several satisfied customers.

A small piece of paper taped to the device has George's phone number on it. He says it's in case anyone has any problems, they can call him direct.

There's also an American flag taped on. George says that's so everyone will know it's made in the U.S.

I say everyone should know it's made by the hands of one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

If you're interested in contacting George Adams, give him a call at 704-827-9022.

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