Does SC Candidate Alvin Greene have a chance at winning?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Many people are still wondering how South Carolina US Senate Candidate Alvin Greene won the primary earlier this week.

He is an unemployed veteran and has answered little questions since his victory Tuesday night.

Some believe the Republican party planted Greene to subvert the electoral process.  So far no evidence has been shown that happened.

If Greene remains on November's ballot, he will face Republican Senator Jim DeMint.  Greene claims a debate is scheduled for the two candidates in a few months.

Experts call the interviews Greene has done recently is lacking, but does he have a shot at winning the election?  Can a consultant give him a makeover?

"I don't know if anybody else could," Public Relations Ellis Clay said.  "But I couldn't - because I just don't see enough to work with."

Some say all Greene need is a consultant.

"That's what they do," Neighbor Phil McPhail said. "With all the rest of the ones who are not prepared."

Ellis believes Greene must first give more information about himself.

"The man has to learn how to express himself," Clay said.  "I don't know if he's done that yet."

While many think there's no hope for Greene, he says he is ready to campaign.  He says his platform is jobs, education and the judicial system.