See, Click, Fix: Ratty-looking shrubs getting cut

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - At Sullivan Trace townhomes off Shopton Road in Charlotte, the viewer who wrote in to us says the shrubs by her front door are overgrown and need a serious cut.

Jakela, who preferred not to be interviewed on camera, sent us this See, Click, Fix post online:

"I have been contacting my Homeowners assoc for the past 2 years to try to get my hedges trimmed on a regular basis... I have hedges sticking out of my railing as I walk out my door. I should not be shopping for a hedge trimmer if I pay HOA's. Help me please."

Jakela says she has made efforts online and by phone to get something done.  However, if you talk to the homeowner's association, there's no recollection of an order being requested.

Forget the he said she said. At this point See, Click, Fix is stepping in to get this fixed.  We got in touch with one of the HOA board members about the problem. Within a day we got an encouraging voicemail back that had a set time and date for these shrubs to get trimmed.

Wednesday, the landscaping company came outside of its weekly landscaping day just to take care of Jakela's shrubs. In fact, landscapers took it a step further and trimmed all the shrubs on the property. A problem resolved above and beyond this viewer's expectations.

Jakela sent us her reaction via email which reads: "As I pulled into my subdivision, I automatically noticed a difference to the property. Every single hedge was trimmed. Thanks Christine, you have helped our community to become a better place."

The homeowner's association says there has been a change in management and that may have contributed to the fact that Jakela's request falling through the cracks.

One neighbor we talked to says though says that's not an excuse. She says they pay $117 a month in association dues, they shouldn't have to wait as long as they did to have shrubs landscaped.

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