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COPY-SC Gubernatorial Race: Drama vs. Record

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - In less than 24 hours, South Carolina voters will have the opportunity to go to the polls to select a Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidate. 

Many say the race on the Republican side has gotten extremely nasty.  

"That's disappointing to be honest," SC Voter Robbie Earle said.  "I hate my state's politicians have to be involved with that sort of thing."

Rumors of infidelity surrounding candidate Nikki Haley and comments degrading poor people surrounding candidate Lt. Governor Andre Bauer have made headlines in recent months.

Is dirty politics the reason why voter turn-out is expected to be a little higher than the primary in 2006?  Some voters claim controversy will prompt people to look past the scandal and focus on the issues.

"It makes people aware," SC Kitty Outen said.  "That we are willing to look at individual candidates and make decisions based on their criteria and experience."

Political science professor Dr. Eric Hebrelig claims dirty politics may decide who will takeover the Governor's mansion. After all he says South Carolina is a red state.

"That means the election is decided tomorrow (Tuesday) in the primary election,"  Hebrelig said. "So if all the candidates are similar in terms of policy, you need to find another way of differentiating yourself from your opponent, that means making them out to be immoral or bad."

The professor believes to stop negative campaigning, voters must demand candidates stick to the issues, but he wonders how long will that last.

"Voters like to say they want candidates to talk about policy," the professor said.  "But voters are bored by policy. It's sad, but that's unfortunately human behavior."

Polls opens Tuesday from 7AM to 7PM.

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