Apartment complex says concrete angel 'must go'

By Trent Faris - bio l email

YORK, SC (WBTV) - The owner of a stone angel at a York apartment complex is being told the statue needs to hit the highway to heaven.

Kelli Bisbee moved into the Hunter Bay apartments a few months ago.  When her old house was sold she wanted to take a memory with her.

"It's in honor of a baby I had lost 44 years ago," said Bisbee  "It hurts my feelings because I wouldn't have done that to it.  It doesn't look very pretty this way."

On Thursday the statue was covered with a tarp, because several residents of the apartment complex didn't like it.

"It wasn't trying to inflict any religion on anybody," said Bisbee.

The statue was supposed to be removed by Thursday morning, however the four-foot stone statue weighs around 350 pounds, and needed a special dolly to move it.

Bisbee and other residents passed around a petition to ask whether they'd like to keep the angel or ask it to fly away.

"I think only two people said 'no' on the petition and the rest said 'yes'" said Bisbee.

Even though there seemed to be a majority to keep the angel, Bisbee got another answer.

"Something about the government and mixing religion and business," said Bisbee.

Calls to the property management company of the complex to get a specific reason why the angel has to go were not returned as of Thursday

There's nothing else in the yard at the Hunters Bay apartment complex, but green grass and a few new trees. Bisbee says she just wanted to spruce the place up a bit and share her angel.

"I'm just going to take it and put it in my apartment and keep it forever that's all," said Bisbee.

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