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Mental Health Association withholds workers pay

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  The North Carolina Mental Health Association (NC-MHA) is telling its employees they'll only get half of their usual pay, because of the organization's financial problems.

According to a memo obtained by WBTV, the NC-MHA is withholding worker earnings because it can't pay its taxes.

In the memo, the association says, "we have looked carefully at our current financial situation and have determined that we cannot fully met our payroll obligations...and pay the tax obligation, too."

The memo goes on to state, "we will be mailing one-half of the payment due to you for hours worked the previous pay period...we will mail the next check (the remaining 50%) as soon as funds are available."

WBTV Business Reporter Melissa Hankins is speaking to NC-MHA employees today. Tune in for her report at 6pm.


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