Crimestoppers: Hospital parking lot thieves

CHARLOTTE NC (WBTV) - Where there's a hospital, there are massive parking decks with hundreds of cars, coming and going.

Therein lies the problem since January, there have been 15 reported thefts from cars parked at Presby and CMC.

Hospitals are easy targets. People are in a rush, they run in and see their loved ones, and leaving stuff.

Fortunately, there is surveillance video an older 4-door white Honda Accord looks for a place to park, circles the lot, and finds one way down in the distance.

A minute later, a thin man dressed in black and a heavyset woman wearing a white top, are seen walking around the deck...they disappear for nine minutes, then reappear and walk back to their car, and it looks like they're about to leave.

But hold on. They put it in reverse, and back all the way down to where they were parked before. This time, pulling in rear wheels first. In the distance, you can see someone get out and go to the car next door. This is a theft in progress.

Within minutes, they've got the goods and are exiting at the front gate.

So, what are these thieves taking?

"They're taking everything from sunglasses to purses, and a couple of instances where a woman's purse has been taken, they've taken the credit card, used them at places, tried to write checks, things of that nature."

They've even been swiping license use on stolen vehicles. The advice from police is if you go to a hospital, make sure your front and back seats are clean, and all valuables are locked in the trunk.

If you know anything that could help police catch the two we showed in the video please call Crimestoppers in Charlotte at 704-334-1600.