See, Click, Fix: Brush Overgrowth Cleared By DOT Crews

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This intersection in question is Arrowood Road and Arrowridge Boulevard in Charlotte.

It's a spot where if you're trying to turn left, instead of seeing the oncoming traffic, you get an eyeful of this overgrowth of shrubs and weeds.

Paul wrote in to See, Click, Fix saying, "…when trying to pull out of Arrowridge Blvd it is hard to see traffic coming from under I-77 or from the I-77 ramp."

He's right.  We observed one car, for example, that had to pull well beyond the white line so the driver could see beyond the overgrowth.

And it didn't even look like the Fedex truck driver who came through the intersection could see any oncoming cars to cross the 4-lane road.

So I contacted Charlotte DOT asking officials there, what's up with all this overgrowth?

They told me, that they too were alerted of the problem through our See, Click, Fix page.  Now they're doing something about it.   At 9:30 on Wednesday a crew took about 30 minutes to trim the overgrowth down, so drivers can feel safe making left turns again.

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