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On The Road: At the Whitewater center

By Liz Horton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The US Whitewater Center is a four hundred acre playground that packs more than fourteen miles of biking and hiking trails, an adventure course with forty different rope climbs, white water rafting, and a zip line that extends a thousand feet into the air. It's all within a fifteen minute drive of Charlotte.

Jeff Wise is the executive director of the Whitewater center. He says the Charlotte region is lucky to have this resource. " We're an Olympic training site and so we've got some of the world's elite athletes out here doing some of the craziest stuff you'll ever see but we've also got first timers that are trying it for the first time."

They put me to the test with the brand new mega jump. I strapped up and climbed up the forty foot structure. My task at the top-- to jump off with just a rope to save me. Did I mention I don't even like roller coasters? The jump was invigorating and emotionally cleansing. It forced me to overcome my fear of heights.

"Life is getting more complicated and crazier for us it's harder and harder to stay connected to the outdoors, and so what we feel is fundamental is that we get out and play with our families our friends and all the people that we are close to," says Wise.

The rock climbing walls are a popular feature as well. While there, I met Rebecca Davis, a first timer. She says the center offers more than just a good time. "You're getting exercise that doesn't feel like it. You're just out in the nice weather and you get to enjoy nature."

It's good for the body, and great for the mind. Wise puts it best "At the end of the day you are always needing to challenge yourself. That's part of the fun of playing outside."

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