Siamese cat rescued by school teachers

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

SAWMILLS, NC (WBTV) - The 1 to 3 year-old Siamese cat that was living underneath a construction site at Sawmills Elementary School, has the teachers there to thank for her life.

"Star" was the name that stuck when 5th grade teacher Suzanne Singer took the injured cat to the vet.

Diagnosed with an infected left eye and a hernia on her right side, "Star" wasn't exactly in good shape. But that didn't stop teachers at the school from quickly raising $100 to pay the initial vet bills.

Now, the teachers are crusading to raise the estimated $300-$500 it might take to remove the infected eye and surgically remove the hernia.

The teachers don't know where Star came from or if she was abused, but they hope their efforts will end with finding her a good home to call "forever".

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