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Lynda Petty's battle with cancer

LEVEL CROSS, NC (WBTV) -- For the first time since she was diagnosed with cancer, Lynda Petty is talking about her battle with the disease and how she found victory lane.

The now-recovered wife of NASCAR's King says a lot of people know about the family's racing success, but they don't know as much about its strength.

"The days that I spent in the hospital at Duke were long and dark and I thought, 'will I ever be normal again'," Petty says of her time at Duke Medical Center.

Lymphoma was affecting her brain.

She had to undergo brutal chemotherapy.

"I thought, Lord give me strength to get through this because I knew it was going to be the battle of my life," says Petty.

She was fighting the battle for herself, but also for those who depend on her.

No one depends on Lynda Petty more than Richard Petty.

She told her friends and family to take care of him.

"I thought I was going to be gone. I really did," she says tearfully.

Looking at Lynda now, it's hard to believe what she lived through.

At one point, she went blind, lost the ability to walk and when she went home, didn't recognize the house she'd lived in for thirty years.

She says her prayers and prayers from fans got her through.

"I know God heard them all because I know He saved me to be here on earth," Petty says.

On May 20, Lynda Petty will see her husband become one of the first inductees at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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