See, Click, Fix: Crosswalks

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Matthews, NC (WBTV) - We spent some time at the McKee Road and Weddington Road intersection in Matthews where there wasn't a dull moment.  Car after car passed through that intersection in all four directions.

"McKee and Weddington is very busy, yes," says Matthews resident Mary Duncan.

Duncan says not only will you see lots of cars but pedestrians too.  At the NE quadrant of the intersection crosswalks are in place for them to cross. The two opposite sides are the issue where there are no designated crosswalks and that has people here asking why.

"You worry about the children. I would anyway if my children were trying to cross the street," Duncan adds.

One viewer, Concerned Resident, posted this See, Click, Fix comment online: "There is a Karate school at this intersection with many kids walking to this facility from two major residential neighborhoods... WHEN will this dangerous situation be fixed with a full crosswalk???"

Here's what See, Click, fix found out:

This intersection is in the jurisdiction of the town of Matthews, but maintained by DOT.

We asked Charlotte DOT about this specific intersection. It says, planners are looking into upgrades at this specific intersection, which is good news.

The downside is that C-DOT says the process may take 10 months to a year or longer. Leaving pedestrians with one option in the meantime, cross this busy intersection at your own risk!

"I see kids on bicycles, I see people crossing the road all the time. And it is a pretty dangerous intersection. You have to be careful when you're driving through there," Duncan says.

We know 10 months to a year is a long time.  Especially if people are crossing that intersection daily.

Let's hope no one gets hurt before the crosswalk is finally in place.

You can always make your voices heard by calling 311, your complaints go directly to the department that makes decisions on those crosswalks.