102 years old and still cutting rugs

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHESTER, SC (WBTV) - There is a typical rhythm to a story about anyone who's more than 100 years old. You ask what the secret is. You ask if they eat special food or have a special workout plan.

When I met Miss Getrude Wylie, I did all that. And then she started dancing.

The administrator of Active Day Adult Day Care in Chester told me over the phone Miss Gertrude was "spry". She didn't tell me the woman could make a living as a stand-up comic. She also didn't mention she could wipe out any competition if FOX decides to come up with a new show, "Dancing with the 102 Year Olds".

At 102, she's never met a rug she can't cut. When Miss Gertrude hears a swinging beat and gets up out of her chair, she becomes, "Miss Sugar".

She's truly an awesome lady and one of the most entertaining people I've ever met.

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