See, Click, Fix: abandoned parking lot, broken warning lights

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - The curve that was brought to our attention on See, Click, Fix is at Archdale and Old Reid Road in Charlotte.  The curve has a sharp bend to the right.  When drivers take the curve too fast, it's an issue for folks exiting this neighborhood trying to make a left turn. They want this caution light working again so drivers remember to slow down.

Mary wrote in to us saying "People come around the curve 45 miles an hour in a 30 mile zone." Her question to See, Click, Fix, "Can you find out what happened to the yellow flashing light."

Here's your answer Mary:

Charlotte DOT had a crew come out here the day we told them about this.  Crews found that the solar powered light was not holding its battery. They made some repairs and the result today a working, flashing yellow light.

The problem here on Archdale road, now solved.

Our next question takes us to the spot where the Upton's department store once stood on Albemarle road. All that's left is the slab and the rest is a bit unsightly to see.

Jeffrey wrote us and asked "Since it was State or Local money that paid for the building to be torn down, who's responsible for this clean up?"

City officials tell us it's the responsibility of the person who privately owns this land.  What you may not see right away is that there is a landscape plan in the works.  Nine willow oaks have to be planted which the city says is complete. What will be planted next are screening shrubs that will be planted every five feet near the entrance. A grant has been set aside for this to be done. The owner does not receive the grant money until the landscaping is finished and approved.

There was concern that the concrete slab is a safety hazard and that kids are using it to skateboard.

The city says as long as there are no holes in the concrete it's not considered a problem.