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See, Click, Fix : Parking problems fixed

By John Carter - bio l email
Two businesses in east Charlotte are getting some parking relief this morning.  
The problem has been a number of truckers and others who decided to park behind the businesses without permission.  
That led viewers to write See, Click, Fix about the problem.
David Burbick is a tractor trailer driver for AutoZone and makes regular pick ups and deliveries at the AutoZone store off Harris Boulevard and Idlewild Road.
He pulls in behind the store through a driveway that also goes behind the next-door Rite Aid store, but he says it hasn't always been easy.
"You see this truck right here, where I deliver to this store.  There's about three or four or five of 'em sitting on this uh, sitting right beside here, and it's just a problem getting in and out of here."
David is talking about unauthorized trucks and more parked behind the stores without permission.
Customers at the businesses noticed as well. 
One wrote See, Click, Fix: "We are sick and tired of seeing these 18 wheeler trucks/cabs and trailers parking, blocking the entrance and exit lanes.  These trucks are tearing up the parking lot and causing obstruction of traffic flow."
WBTV checked into the problem and so did police. 
They responded by talking with the managers of the businesses. No parking signs were posted, towing began in earnest, and David says it appears to have worked,  "Yea, it appears to be fixed , last two weeks, on Friday, yea, hasn't been no problems." 
And as far as we were able to tell, the problem has been fixed.
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