See, Click, Fix: Potholes Getting Fixed

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  We stopped by a few of the potholes you reported to

Like one at 6th and Davidson that has been filled since being reported a month ago.

Repairs were also made to the ones on Prosperity Church road, north of Charlotte.

But on a given road some potholes seem to stretch for miles, as we saw driving in the 7000 block of Sugarcreek road.

"They have been like that I would say it's been that way for the last I would say for the last 6-7 months. Every time it rains it gets worse," says resident Lincoln Wilmot.

Wilmot lives in the subdivision surrounding the potholes.

They're patched now, but the drive prior to that was pretty bumpy to say the least.

"It's been so bad it's been causing several accidents and because the road is narrow you try to avoid it and you swerve to one side you're in a ditch," says Wilmot.

By far one of the worst pothole problems we found on See, Click, Fix according to our viewers, was on Rea Road between Old Providence Road and Colony Road.

The 16 posts complaining of the problems there got 979 page views on And the agency responsible to fix the problem has taken notice.

That part of Rea Road is maintained by NCDOT.

Officials there say it's now going to be repaved.  It's going to completely resurface that one mile stretch of Rea Road.

In fact, we found out some of the pothole-ridden roads you told us about online at See, Click, Fix are also part of the resurfacing project:

*1.4 miles of Woodlawn Road from east South Boulevard to Park Road.

*0.9 miles of University City Boulevard from east of the Target shopping center to Harris Teeter driveway.

*0.7 miles Caldwell Road from the Cabarrus County line to Back Creek Church Road.

*One mile of Brown-Grier Road from Arrowood to Steele Creek Road.

Other streets included in project:

*1.9 miles of Davidson-Concord Road from east of NC 115 to East Rocky River Road.

*2.7 miles of East Rocky River road from the Cabarrus County line to Davidson-Concord Road.

*One mile of Westmoreland Road from West Catawba Avenue to Statesville Road.

*1.2 miles of Reames Road from Old Statesville Road to Harris Boulevard.

*1.4 miles of Sugarcreek Road from south of North Tryon Street to Eastway Drive.

*0.8 miles of Brookshire Boulevard from the bridge deck at I-85 to the concrete pavement joint.

*1.2 miles of North Polk Street from Pineville-Matthews Road to I-485 bridge deck

NCDOT is not the only agency who's responsible to fill potholes in this area. Charlotte DOT maintains many roads here too. We tried to get a progress report from them on getting potholes fixed in your area. They didn't answer our request for information.

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