Presented by Johnson & Wales University Student Malcolm McMillian

28 oz                                    Crushed tomatoes, canned

3 Tablespoons                      Chopped Basil, Fresh

½ Tablespoon                       Minced Garlic, Fresh

1 Teaspoon                           Garlic Powder

½ Tablespoon                       Onion Powder

1 Teaspoon                           Sugar

1 Tablespoon                        Extra Virgin Olive Oil

15 oz                                      Ricotta Cheese

¾ Cup                                                Heavy Whipping Cream

2 Tablespoons                      Grated Parmesan Cheese

1 Loaf                                     Italian Whole loaf

To Taste                                 Salt and Pepper


  1. 1.    Slice 1 inch slices from the Italian loaf and Toast until outside is crispy, reserve for later.                                                                                       

*   The bread is sliced and toasted first for extra crispiness.

  1. Drain Tomatoes and combine in a bowl with the next 6 ingredients, season with salt and pepper to taste and reserve for later
  1. Whip heavy cream until it has doubled in volume.

*   Keep in mind that you do not want stiff whipped cream for this  


  1. Combine the semi-whipped cream, ricotta and parmesan cheese in a bowl, season with salt and pepper and reserve for later.
  1. On a piece of the pre-toasted bread, smear on a layer of the ricotta mixture then add a layer of the tomato mixture.
  1. To finish, top with freshly chopped basil and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.