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See, Click, Fix: Overgrown Grass Gets Cut!

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The patch of land in question with the high grass can be spotted at the West WT Harris and McCullough Drive intersection.  That's in the University City area of Charlotte.

Jamel Montgomery walks this path every morning to work.  "I'd say it's been high for maybe...a month or two maybe," says Jamel.

Surrounded by various businesses and hotels thousands of drivers pass this spot daily having to look at this eyesore.

One viewer who wrote us says: "The grass is... A terrible representation of those businesses and neighborhood and needs to be mowed and maintained on a regular basis."

As soon as we got word of this problem through See, Click, Fix we called Charlotte city code enforcement and had somebody come out here right away.  But they couldn't find because the land had already been mowed. So we're presuming the problem fixed itself with 24-48 hours time.

Jamel adds, "It's better considering how it was."

So this is what the patch of cut grass looks like now.  But what we're learning through our investigation is this could go unkempt again.

According the property management company for University Center, no one knows who owns this piece of land!

We knocked on TGI Friday's door. They say it's not theirs.

Drury Hotel says it's not theirs either.  Based on its location it has to belong to one of the two.  And according to Charlotte Mecklenburg County records, Drury Hotel owns it.

Code enforcement says that being the case, Drury Hotel has the responsibility to maintain the upkeep of this grassy section or be subject to a $500 fine.

Code enforcement wants us to emphasize again to viewers that they write citations to residents and businesses.  So if you see issues like overgrown grass or other violation, they urge you to call 311.

They insist that within 3 days an enforcer will come out and look at the problem, and write a ticket if the situation warrants.

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