Swimming cow, smiling man

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

LOWESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - If you're going too fast up Highway 16 in Lincoln County, you might miss Gary Duckworth's swimming cows.

I saw them on a trip up to Denver and had to stop and get a closer look. Upon further inspection, I found the cows interesting enough to pull out my video camera and start rolling.

After about 5 minutes, Gary had told me all there was to know about the cows and the luster quickly faded. Then, Gary (out of  the blue) mentioned something about his heart transplant.

My ears perked up. Gary had been so smiley when I knocked on his door to ask permission to look at his swimming cows. When I told him I do "Good News", he told me that's the only news he has.

Gary's heart stopped beating one day about 4 years ago. He was tending cattle when it happened. Doctors called his survival a miracle. The fact he survived another 14 months waiting for a heart transplant, another miracle.

The fact he takes all his past worries in stride, way better news than any old swimming cow.

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