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See, Click, Fix: Lights on again in part of University City Blvd

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - In February we investigated this problem on University City Blvd, between John Kirk and WT Harris.

We saw UNC-Charlotte students crossing the highway outside of the crosswalk.  A problem that's happening during the day and at night.

That's when you wrote us saying you wanted these lights fixed on University so nighttime driving wouldn't be so dangerous.

So we got a Charlotte city councilman involved who was promised by Duke Energy that the lights would be working again.

Two months later the work is still unfinished...and we're hearing from you again.

One viewer wrote us saying, "Thank you for reporting this! Not many lights are on. Please WBTV stay on top of this and hold the City and Duke Energy accountable."

That's what we're doing today.

It was March 10th when these lights were supposed to be working.  We went straight to Duke Energy to find out what the hold up is.

Duke sent someone out here as soon as we called them Monday.

"I have talked to our folks over in our operations center and we are out repairing the bad underground right now on all those poles that are marked.  So we should have those lights working if not tonight, it'll be this week," says Paige Layne, spokesperson for Duke Energy.

The result? The lights are back on.  This is what drivers will see next time they're on University City Blvd at night... another problem See, Click, Fix is getting solved in your neighborhood.

Duke Energy explained to us that fixing a street light is not always as easy as switching out a bulb.

In this case when there's bad underground wiring to fix, it takes multiple crews who are specially trained to do the repair.  Duke Energy says sometimes that adds to the delay.

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