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See, Click, Fix: Traffic Island Problems

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) --  A traffic problem in Gastonia is going to be fixed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

That follows a viewer who wrote about his concerns to WBTV's See, Click, Fix on WBTV dot com.

Traffic along 321 in Gastonia can be heavy at times.  Add some popular restaurants along the road, and you have the potential for major backups.

So to help prevent that a traffic island, called a "pork chop" because of its shape, was installed at the entrance to this cluster of restaurants.

It's called right-in, right out.  What it's supposed to do is guide traffic going south on 321 to turn right into the parking lot, and traffic coming out of the parking lot has to turn right to get back onto 321.

Because the island partially obstructs left handed turns into the parking's supposed to force north bound traffic to go further up the road to the traffic light, and turn left there, which leads to another entrance to the restaurants.

That helps ease congestion and cut down on potential accidents.

But a lot of folks are ignoring that concept, and basically making a u-turn to get around the "pork chop" and into the parking lot.

"The intent for the driveway was for it to be a right in, right out," said Gary Spangler of the Department of Transportation.  "But it's obvious that people are not using it that way, so, I could see that it could pose a problem."

Spangler said something needs to be done.

"As far as the simple answer, more than likely, is to put some sign up, no left turns as you leave out of the access," he said.  "The other thing is, is to maybe to extend this curb on the pork chop island there."

It isn't illegal to make a left turn here because there are no traffic signs saying that, but because of the traffic island it's fairly obvious that you really shouldn't turn left here.

Spangler's fix should help prevent that.

We'll keep you posted on the progress of what NCDOT does at the entrance.  Spangler says something could be up within a week.

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