Going Green, A WBTV On Your Side Special Presentation

WBTV On Your Side is airing a special presentation called Going Green on April 28th at 8pm. The show is full of ideas on how you can be more environmentally-friendly.

During the show, we'll offer ideas on many simple, inexpensive things you can do in your home, at work, or in your car to be more green.  We have information on how to make your home more energy efficient and how to conserve water.

The show also explores some more extensive steps you can take to be green including using solar panels.

We'll explain what organic and organic labeling means.

We'll show you how to compost.

We explore energy alternatives such as wind and solar power.

We'll show you businesses and homeowners in our area who have taken the leap to go green.

We'll explore the future of green in the Charlotte area including the potential impact going green could have on our economy and jobs.

Join hosts Tonia Bendickson and Jamie Boll for Going Green...on April 28th at 8pm on WBTV.