See, Click, Fix: Targeting Speeders

By John Carter - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As you drive down the road do you ever get the feeling you're the only one doing the speed limit and everyone else is passing you by?

That's exactly how one viewer feels.  He thinks it's dangerous, so he brought the issue to out attention at See, Click, Fix on

The speed limit along one section of Hickory Grove Road in Charlotte is 35, but during the entire time we spent along the road with police officer Rick Grubb every car clocked by his radar was going faster than the speed limit.  One car in fact, was doing 61.

That's why a viewer wrote See, Click, Fix.  To see if anything can be done to keep speeders in check.

We went to police in the Hickory Grove Division, and they say, "Yes."

"What I'm gonna do first of all, is come out and do an independent study, with my car, and try to clock people," said Officer Grub of the Hickory Grove division.  "Then we've got some pads we can come put out on the road that DOT uses that shows us the speed of the car, the amount of traffic, you know, 24 hours a day."

Police say there is no way to get 100 percent compliance with the speed limit, no matter what road you're talking about.

Priorities and man power simply don't allow the police department to have an officer to be posted along every stretch of road.

If you feel that speeding along any road is excessive and should be looked at, you should call the police division for that area and let them know.

Or, you can log on to WBTV dot com, click on See, Click, Fix, and tell us where you think there's a problem.