See, Click, Fix: Illegal Dump Gets Cleaned Up

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - The neighborhood on A Avenue in Charlotte is where a viewer says they have an unwanted guest.

On our see, click, fix page at they write:"...old construction debris dumped in residential area in vacant lot..."

That's exactly what we found when we went out there to investigate.  You can see construction materials like shingles.  We also spotted old tires, furniture and cement blocks.

We immediately told Charlotte-Mecklenburg Code Enforcement about it, who says this is more than just an eyesore.

"It contributes to rodent infestation. Some of the materials dumped are really bad in terms of the health of the area and so forth," Code Enforcement Director Walter Abernethy.

We knocked on a few doors on this street and neighbors say they try to be on the lookout for who's doing this because it's happening more frequently lately. But somehow the culprits keep slipping past them.

Code enforcement has since taken some action since learning of the dumping site.

"We will go through the dump material and see if there's anything there that shows us anything. Maybe some correspondence or letters or something that says where it comes from. We'll investigate it," says Abernethy.

They've also issued the owner of the property a notice to haul this away. Until the culprit is caught, it typically falls on the property owner to clean up what is somebody else's dirty work.

Abernethy says that's the downside to this crime. It's difficult to enforce because you have to catch illegal dumping in the act. So if it's on someone's property, it falls on the property owner to clean it up even if it's not theirs.

Either way, that neighborhood won't have to look at that pile of trash anymore.

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