School's goldfish kisses on the mouth

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - St. Ann's Catholic School acquired "Tangi" by way of Sister Helene who, according to Mrs. Carr in the front office, got her from a woman named Lisa.

The 5 inch long fish's background isn't the story though, it's the fact he gives kisses to anybody to puckers up to his tank.

Tangi started off his smooching ways by just following people around as they moved around the outside of his glass walls. Then, some lucky passer-by happened to say, "I love you", and Tangi gave a smooch right up against the glass.

The kids absolutely love the fish that sits in his tank inside the front office. The fish absolutely loves the kids.

One student says Tangi is always willing to make her happy when she's sad and he's always there like a good friend should be.

Tangi got his name from his color. He's a handsome shade of orange, similar to a tangerine.

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