See, Click, Fix: Missing Street Signs

Charlotte, NC - By John Carter - bio l email

If you've ever driven around know it can be tough finding certain locations, even if you have a map! It's even tougher though...when there aren't any street signs!

The message on WBTV dot com's See, Click, Fix site:  "Couldn't find this street when it was right there because the street sign is missing."

The message referring to Seigle Avenue off Parkwood Avenue...we took a look.

Seigle Avenue is actually broken into two parts because of Parkwood Avenue.   There's a Seigle Avenue sign down on one side of Parkwood Avenue.   But a little further north on Parkwood Avenue, where Seigle comes in again...there is no street sign whatsoever.  In fact, we drove right past the intersection when we first came out here because there was no sign.

Lamont Harris lives on Seigle Avenue...he says the missing sign creates a lot of problems. "Sometimes, like if you're giving directions, if you're telling people to come a certain way, they'll miss it, because the signs not there. There's another sign on the other side, so they get confused. They start throwin' U-turns and going back the other way."

Another missing sign report on See, Click, Fix...about no sign on Belmont Avenue...and as it turned out, it was the Belmont Avenue intersection with Seigle Avenue...and sure enough, no signs to be found.

So we contacted the Charlotte Department of Transportation...and the signs are going to be fixed.  According to CDOT's Linda Durrett: "...these signs were removed during construction. The construction work is scheduled to be completed in about three weeks. At that time, they will be reinstalled."

Of course, we'll check back to make sure that gets done.

And a couple of other See, Click, Fix issues to update you on:  The Billy Graham Parkway sign that was hanging by a thread at the West Boulevard Intersection has now been fixed.

And a manhole cover on Suttle Avenue that had gone months without being paved around...has also now been fixed.

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