COPY-Bees swarm car outside Baton Rouge store

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A swarm of bees attacked a woman's car outside of a Baton Rouge shopping center Tuesday and experts say the queen bee is probably the one to blame for the whole thing.

Kathleen Singleton went inside an arts and crafts store in the Hammond Aire Mall and when she returned to her car, she found thousands of bees on top of it. She described the thicket of bees as a mass of brown stuff. Assistance was nearly impossible. LSU and animal control were no help. She even called 911, but was told there was nothing emergency personnel could do.

Her quick errand to the store eventually turned into a three-hour ordeal as the buzzing insects held her hostage in a sense. She finally called her son, Trent Leach, because he knows a beekeeper. He was able to help when all other attempts failed, but he did like everyone else and stared at the bees covering the car.

"I just couldn't believe they would concentrate like that all in one area," he said.

David Taylor, owner of Lady Bee Ranch in Central, Louisiana, said there is a simple explanation for what happened. Taylor said the queen bee was likely flying around looking for a new home when she got tired and stopped to rest on top of the vehicle. When that happens, her worker bees also stop and surround the queen as a way to protect her.

Shoppers gathered around the vehicle as Leach began clearing the car of the bees. Taylor told him what to wear and what to do to find the queen. She said once the queen is removed, the other bees will leave.

Leach never found the queen, but she apparently flew away at some point and so did the thousands of her humble servants.

There were no reported stings.

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