See, Click, Fix: What's that Smell??

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - We knew we were in for a challenge as we drove down W. Tyvola.  First we had to sniff out this smell people were talking about.

One See, Click, Fix alert we received says,"If you drive (on Tyvola) over the Billy Graham Pkwy overpass with your windows opened you can smell the cloud of gas."

Another writes,"strong gas smell while driving with windows closed..."

It took a second though to find the odor.  We knocked on nearby houses to no avail.

But once we found it, sure enough it smelled like natural gas.

"Actually it does smell like its coming from there," says WBTV Reporter Christine Nelson pointing to the worksite in question.

Our first call was to Piedmont Natural Gas. Their immediate response was that they had no knowledge of work going on in this spot.

We then tried Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities, who has a wastewater treatment plant 1/4 mile down the road.  We found out that this is their wastewater manhole.  And they were recently retrieving data from a monitor inside.

End of story?  No.

A CMUD official decided to look at the site for himself.  He says no way would their crews have left the manhole uncovered so this wasn't their doing.

They also say the smell seeping out of this hole was a natural gas odor and not sewage.

So now CMUD and Piedmont gas have sent requests within their respective departments to find who's been at this worksite.  Hopefully someone can "clear the air" on the source behind the smell.



We got an update from CMUD after we put this story together.  CMUD has since found out that the manhole in question was abandoned by them.  The monitor they retrieve data from is in a different spot.

They also say Piedmont Natural Gas contacted them about using the spot.

We're still waiting on PNG to let us know what they're working on there and what's causing that natural gas odor in the air.

So this story is not over.... In our next see, click, fix report we expect to have an answer for you!

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