7,500 miles of hope

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - His feet sometimes beg him to stop. His legs try to put on the brakes. But Jonathon Prince doesn't let the little things deter his mission to instill hope.

Prince has run across the country almost 3 times. We met up with him on the last leg of his third trip. Prince jogged up to a group of waiting students from Wilson Middle School. The kids joined in for a one mile run to the school and to hear Prince's message of hope.

"As long as they have the reason why they're doing something, they can surmount any obstacle," Prince says.

He started his first journey just after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast. His goal was to raise money for the region. His second cross-country trek was to deliver a check from New York to Mississippi.

Now, Prince runs for hope. That's it. No multi-million dollar paychecks, and no shoe deals. He just hopes his massive undertaking will inspire people who are suffering. If he can run 7,500 miles across the country, it kind of makes anything seem possible.

You can check Jonathon's progress by going to his website at www.hopeordie.org

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