Crime on the rise in CMS

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The state just released crime figures from school districts. It shows Charlotte - Mecklenburg school district (CMS) reported 1,298 criminal acts happening on campuses last school year - that's up by about 15% from the previous year.

There was a jump in assaults on school personnel and students bringing weapons to school.  While crime was rising on CMS campuses, students bringing a firearm to school dramatically decreased.  CMS reports four times students brought a gun to school.  The number was 17 the previous year.

West Mecklenburg High School had the highest number of criminal activity last year.  It reported 108 acts of crime from students. The activity consists of bringing drugs on campus to assaulting school staff.

Parents and students say this year it's a whole lot better at the school.

"We got lot more campus security," West Meck HS Junior Tamika Miller said.  "And a lot more police."

CMS Superintendent Peter Gorman said he will not rest until 100% of students and staff feel safe at school.

"We want everyone to feel safe at school," Gorman said. "Each individual child can't focus on their work if they don't feel 100% safe at school,  that's what it's got to be."

Gorman said the district will continue to remove disruptive students and if need be kick them out of school.