Laughing while you work

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This is somewhat a personal story for me. A few weeks back, I was informed late in the day that I would be going to the mountains again to cover snow. I love snow, but not 365 snow storms in one winter.

So, I'm driving towards I-85 on Freedom Drive when I realized the truck needed new windshield wipers if I was to make it to the mountains alive.

I stopped into Advance Auto Parts on Freedom. I slammed the door to the truck as I exited. I muttered my irritated rantings on the way into the store. Then I saw a guy smiling and was offended enough to ask what he could be so happy about.

"Sarge" told me he didn't have anything to be sad about so why not be happy? In that one sentence, the stranger working the counter at the windshield wiper store, fixed more than my windshield wipers.

I stayed for a good 30 minutes laughing and listening to "Sarge" make other people laugh. He's been working at Advance for more than a year. He recently retired from a long career in the Army.

"Sarge" is what his friends call him. His Mom probably called him Anthony Haskins. I call him an angel with a built-in reminder, to smile.