See, Click, Fix: Waterlogged Yard From Pipe Leak Needs Repair

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - "What is the issue happening here in your front yard it is a mess?!," asks WBTV Anchor/Reporter Christine Nelson.

"Well it's been going on for about 6 months now," Carolyn Lane replies.

This what Ms. Lane's front yard looked just a couple weeks ago on Seneca Place in Charlotte., water flooding from a leak underground, causing the earth underneath to shift.

A repair was done on the water line itself last September. This time, a valve on the "same line" had to be fixed.

"I don't get anywhere," says Ms. Lane.  "I make a lot of phone calls, they probably hate to hear my voice but you know it's gotta be fixed."

It's not the only problem Lane is having to deal with. Take a look at her driveway. This gaping hole was caused by a previous fix to her water line and it has gotten worse and worse over time.

"They told me to call storm drain, I called storm drain. Then they told me storm wasn't a problem with the storm drain, call city maintenance. Then I called city maintenance, this is where I am today still trying to get it corrected," says Ms. Lane.

We called Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities on Carolyn's behalf.

Cam Coley with CMUD's Community Information tells us nine days after the leak was reported CMUD crews had the valve repaired.  Coley says crews are working as fast as they can.

"We're trying to do more with less staff.  It will take us longer to get smaller leaks fixed fast as the bigger ones you see," says Coley.

See, Click, Fix did get this welcome news from CMUD: what Carolyn thought would take 4-6 weeks to complete, it looks like crews will now be pouring her sidewalk we're told late this week or early next week... Weather permitting.

The final fix to a problem Carolyn hopes is resolved for good.

"I'm just glad they're here," says Ms. Lane.  "Thank you!"

CMUD said whenever repairs are called in, they prioritize the repair based especially on how many people it affects. Then, proceed from there.

The line in Carolyn's yard services Pinewood Elementary school directly across the street on Seneca Place.

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