Good News: Old Wives Weather Tales

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The winter has been more brutal than many remember in recent years. As February winds to a close and March stands poised to bring warmer weather, we find it's not actually bringing warmer weather.

Old Wives Tales dictate this winter will continue well into March. The mountain legend of a Wooly Worm's 13 rings dictating the winter weather seems to be holding true. Ever heard of a snow storm supposed to come 10 days after a clap of winter thunder? It happened this week, sort of.

Another tale says if an owl hoots on the East side of a mountain, we'll get bad weather. What? I've only seen an owl like 5 times in my whole life, but I can look outside the window and see the weather isn't all that hot.

While some folklore actually holds up to the scientific test, other is just hogwash, until someone calls or sends in video of an owl hooting on the East side of some mountain.

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