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Nude pics appear on NC woman's Facebook page

GREENSBORO, NC (WBTV) – A woman in the Greensboro area has had to do a lot of explaining to her friends and family regarding nude pictures that mysteriously appeared on her Facebook account. 

The problem surfaced when a duplicated Facebook account with the woman's full name recently appeared on the social networking website -- much to her surprise, according to WFMY-TV.

The woman, who they referred to as 'Jane' to protect her identity, is happily married and has two children.

When you search the woman's name on Facebook, however, it shows that "Jane" is single and looking, WFMY reports. That account is the duplicate account that she has no control over.

A few weeks ago, the woman's grandmother called and wanted to know why Jane's Facebook page said she was single.

She was blocked from the account and couldn't see what was available for others to see.

Someone else called Jane and asked why she had nude pictures posted.

She tried to call Facebook to report that no nude pictures should be allowed on her page, but she was unable to reach anyone.

WFMY says a detective with the Greensboro Police Department said there was nothing they could do.

Since the woman was unable to reach Facebook to resolve the matter, she notified each of her friends and told them to ‘de-friend' her account.

In the lower left column of every Facebook account, there is a tool which allows users to report or block fake profiles.

If you feel you are a victim of an Internet crime, you can report it to police, but most law enforcement officers agree there's little they can do to protect people until laws catch up with Internet crimes, WFMY reported.

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